Tunnel 隧道 (Dual Sound)

Tunnel 隧道 (Dual Sound) - EP20

43 Min
Disturbing Scenes 内容或令人不安

By Channel U Published: 11 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Knowing that Pu Guanghao has no evidence against him, Mu Zhenyu demands proof. On the other hand, he accuses Pu Guanghao of using someone's identity. Shen Zaiyi remembers the location she and her mother had hidden the pen. 穆振宇确定朴光浩并没有证据提控他,却故意要他交出。相反他要告朴光浩盗用他人的身份证。申在伊突然记得她与母亲把笔隐藏在什么地方。

Tunnel 隧道 (Dual Sound)
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