Under One Roof 家和万事兴

Under One Roof 家和万事兴 - EP22

Finale 大结局
47 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

Late one night, the telephone at Xingfang's house rings continuously but Xingfang refuses to take the call. When the phone rings again, she picks it up and hears Guichan's voice. Without a word. Xingfang puts down the phone. She then walks into Jiahao's room and looks at her son sleeping soundly. She returns to her room and begins to write a suicide note. The following morning, there is an article in the newspaper about zhisheng being a swindler. Zheng and Mr Wang talk about the incident and wonder what is going to happen to Xingfang. Laifa overhears it and defends Xingfang. Guichang informs him that Xingfang has just left and that she is behaving strangely. Laifa rushes to Yiji's grave and finds Xingfang there. He tries his best to console her. Xingfang tells him she has recovered from her shock and she is living only for Jiahao's sake. Mingzhong urges Wenli to speak to Huilan about helpign them through their financial crisis. But Wenli is hesitant. Just then, Jinda calls and offers to help him. Wenli is determined not to accept his assistance. Wenli returns home and quarrels with Huilan about not informing him Mingzhong visiting her. Huilan, on the other hand, accuses Wenli of not confiding in her. A heated argument ensues and Huilan leaves the house in a huff. Meanwhile, Zihong begins teaching in a night school/ Wenli goes to the school one night to see him. Later, they go for supper and Zihong senses that something is troubling Wenli. He tries to find out what is bothering Wenli but he refuses to disclose anything. Huilan is at home looking at some old photographs one day when her father approaches her. Seeing that she is unhappy, he explains how a married couple should treat each other and makes her understand that both parties must be willing to make sacrifices for each other. Wenli is driving out of the carpark when he sees Huilan standing there. Wenli stops his car and is shocked when Huilan says that she wants to divorcce him. He sighs with relief when he realises that she is only joking. Actually, Huilan is there to tell him she is willing to mortgage their house to help Wenli. The young couple make up. Paul is on his way to look for Laiyu when he meets Hong Chang at the foot of the stairs. He asks for the way but as Hong Chang does not have a good impression of Caucasians, he points him to a street which is notorious for fierce dogs. Hong Chang returns home to tell his wife and daughter about the incident. Suddenly, he recalls that Paul seemed to be looking for their house. Laiyu immediately points out that it could be Paul looking for her. Hong Chang then rushes downstairs to look for him. The misunderstanding is finally cleared. Everyone is happy and eagerly talks about Paul and Laiyu's forthcoming marriage. The police arrest Zhisheng and seeks Xingfang's help to identify him. After helping the police with the case, Xingfang decides to move out of the apartment with Jiahao. Laifa is disappointed that she is leaving them. Laibao, who is doing very well at the hairdressing salon, receives compliments from her boss. Oneday, on her way home she sees a goroup of 'Centrepoint Kids' and recalls the past.; The mooncake festival is approaching and the Hongs are busy preparing for the celebration. Zihong has, meanwhile, moved back to stay with Wenli and Huilan. Everyone is happy except for Situ Yu who is still waiting for news of his daughter. Meanwhile, Laifa is busy selling mooncakes. By chance, he sees Xingfang buying a lantern for her son. Xingfang is glad to see him. Touched by Laifa's concern for her and her son, she invites him to her house. On the night of the Mooncake Festival, the Hongs, the Chens and Situ Yu and his family are at the poolside celebrating the occasion. SituYu misses his daughter, so Xiuwen tries to console him. Suddenly, they notice Lixin and Xiaoyue approaching them. Their visit makes the occasion complete.

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