Unique Lodging - EP3

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 19 Apr 2017 Audio: Chinese

Located far far away from the urban chaos and in the middle of an India desert there is a luxury camp site hotel that only operates a few months a year. The tents have to be removed one by one while the hotel is not in service, and again pitched one by one before operation. Why do the hotel owner set up camp site hotel in a desert? What are the challenges he encountered? 有一家帐篷旅店,有如横空出世,耸立在浩瀚无边的印度沙漠之中。但是这家旅店,一年只营业几个月。在开始营业前必须花45天逐个帐篷搭建起来,几个月后又花45天逐个帐篷拆卸。创办人为什么要如此大费周章? 沙漠气候环境恶劣,基础建设等于零。要在几乎一无所有的茫茫黄沙当中,在沙漠居民的帮助下,经营一家符合星级酒店水准的旅馆,这里头蕴含着怎样的艰辛与努力? 住在临时搭建的帐篷,基本的饮食起居怎样解决? 旅店要带给旅客的,又是一种怎样的文化体验?

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