Unique Lodging 不一样的旅店

Unique Lodging 不一样的旅店 - EP5

47 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 03 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

Yifeng travelled far to Southern France in search of Star Gazing Lodge. She first visited a small town along the Mediterranean Sea and learnt how the eco-friendly Bubble Lodge operates. Next she ascended to an altitude of 2800m in the Pyrenean mountain range, to understand why an Observatory of 150 years finally decided to operate a summit hotel for star gazing, and what messages do the scientists want to convey. 主持人权怡凤这次远赴法国,寻找可以看星星的旅店。然而,在这个浪漫国度寻找看星星的旅店,除了体验浪漫,还有更多意想不到的收获。首先是在地中海边缘的小镇,认识了在松林庄园中经营环保“水晶球旅店”的一家人,了解到旅店如何“收放自如”、如何打破一般旅店的营运概念?接着怡凤登上海拔2800米的雪山,走进由拥有150年历史、至今还在操作的天文台改装成的旅店。天文台鼓励游客前来住宿、看星星,但科学家另有讯息要传达。

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