Unique Lodging 不一样的旅店

Unique Lodging 不一样的旅店 - EP6

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 10 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

Having been to summit hotel of the snow mountain, and having stayed in tree top hotel room 15m above ground, this time around, Host Yifeng will be searching for a lodge built at least 6m underground in mainland China ! These subterranean accommodations is a lifestyle kept for more than 4000 years. Why do the lodge operators build houses this way ? How do the locals cope with living underground ? 去过了海拔近3000米的雪山旅店,住过了离地15米的森林树屋, 这一期,主持人怡凤到中国寻访的旅店,是建在地底下至少6米深的地坑院。地坑院堪称世界唯一建在地平线下的古村落,这样的居住形式已经有4000年历史,至今还有至少10万人还以这里为家。为什么当地人要把房子建在地底下?这样的房子有怎样的考究?

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