Unique Lodging 不一样的旅店

Unique Lodging 不一样的旅店 - EP8

47 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 24 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

People all over the world drawn to Korea by K-pop culture are discovering there is more to the country. In the last episode of Unique Lodging, Host Yifeng stays in Korea temples of thousand-year history hidden away in the mountains surrounded by peaceful greenery. Temple stay has become a popular option for local as well as foreign tourists. How did temple stay come about? What are the rules to follow while staying in? Why do some western tourists ended up staying in the temple for years? 一说到韩国,总会令人想起绚丽夺目的韩流时尚。但是,最后一集的《不一样的旅店》,主持人怡凤到韩国,体验另一种日渐受到瞩目的“心灵旅店 ”-寺院住宿。原本应该是出家人清静修行的寺院,为什么会开放让旅客入住?住在深山的千年古刹,有哪些清规戒律要遵守?为什么有些西方旅客在寺院一住就是1、2年?

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