Uniquely Me 特别的我,你懂吗?

Uniquely Me 特别的我,你懂吗? - EP2

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 14 May 2019 Audio: Chinese

Sean draws portraits of politicians and remembers their birth dates. His unique sense of humour also comes through puns and transforming local TV icons into superheroes. Living in his fairyland bubbles, Aloysius love to draw fairytales, which serves as a doorway for his family to enter his world. 擅长画政治人物肖像,Sean对政治领袖的生日了如指掌。画作注入搞笑双关语,让本地电视人物成为超级英雄,是他的无厘头幽默。Aloysius活在童话世界的泡泡里;他钟情画的童话人物,成为跟家人连接的桥梁。

Uniquely Me 特别的我,你懂吗?
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