Untamed Europe

Untamed Europe - EP4

48 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 01 Jun 2015 Audio: English

In one part of the world, true gems of nature still wait to be revealed. A place filled with vast icy mountain ranges, lush green forests, miniature paradises and grand expanses. Life and death can be found in every corner. But this is no unknown far away land - This is Untamed Europe. The cycle of life is driven by the weather and nature’s resilience produces a diverse landscape filled with wildlife. This is an epic trip through the changing seasons filmed on a massive cinematic scale with innovative techniques that show the true beauty of the places and the animals. Golden eagles fly over the Alps, Chamois battle the snow on their steep peaks, bears and wolves hide in the Harz mountains and all manner of birds find a niche for themselves. We follow the ever changing colours and climates of the seasons over one extraordinary year to explore rivers and lakes, forests and meadows, peaks and valleys to reveal the wealth of wildlife that hides all across the land of Untamed Europe.

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