VIC维多利亚的模力 - EP1

VIC维多利亚的模力 第一集
27 Min
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

By Toggle Video Published: 19 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese

Victoria is an industry leader in the real estate sector, an overbearing CEO with an erratic character. She is arrogant and bossy towards her subordinates and reprimands them relentlessly. Victoria bumps into a Vicky en route, who is in a rush. As Vicky is a greenhorn, she offends the narrow-minded Victoria who holds a grudge on Vicky because of it. On the other side, all the contesting models have arrived at the filming set. They would be staying together for the whole period of the competition. Vicky arrives late. Bing Bing, the host of the show jeers at her. The first of many challenges is the make-up challenge. However, the performance of the ten models were criticised strongly by Bing Bing, who is also a former top-notched supermodel. This encounter with Bing Bing is a glimpse of her high standards of the competition and the beginning of a nightmare for the contestants. On the very evening, when everyone is having a relaxing dinner, Vicky receives a mysterious gift from a fan… Victoria是一位地产业的霸道总裁,性格飘忽不定,对下属颐指气使,训斥不留情面。获手下Allan通知必须前往参与真人秀节目录制,当嘉宾评审。嘴上对Allan虽百般数落,但是仍前往。在前往途中,遇上了正在赶路的Vicky,初出茅庐的Vicky更是不知就里地得罪了Victoria,让气量狭小的Victoria怀恨在心。 另一边厢,众模已抵达拍摄场景,以集宿的方式,参与比赛,但是Vicky却姗姗来迟,遭到节目主持冰冰奚落。 众模的第一项挑战就是化妆,但是十人表现,皆被冰冰逐一挑剔,几乎一无是处。众模的比赛初体验遇上了冰冰,见识了这位前超级名模的严厉,纷纷成了噩梦的开始…… 当晚,正当众人终于松懈下来,享用晚餐之际,Vicky突然收到“粉丝”送来的神秘礼物,岂料...

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