VIC维多利亚的模力 - EP9

VIC维多利亚的模力 第九集
23 Mins
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

By Toggle Video Published: 17 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

Tyson wants to make use of Juno to fool around with the models. Juno tells him off but Tyson disregards him. While Juno is doing the photoshoot, Tyson sneakily takes advantages of the models. Some models, including Xena, play along with Tyson, giving him much joy. The models end up quarrelling under the competition of winning Tyson’s favour. Because of this, Bing Bing is enraged and reprimanded the models to have some self-respect. The models’ spirits are dampened. Vicky loosen her reins to seduce Tyson so she could apprehend him. Tyson is delighted, thinking that Vicky was baited. As a result, Tyson openly invites Vicky to a hotel room. Vicky dresses herself up for the date. Juno finds out and is concerned. He follows Vicky and discovered… Tyson想通过Juno来勾搭其他模特儿,被Juno训斥一顿,但是Tyson不以为然,在Juno牌照期间,有意无意地吃模特儿的豆腐。而Xena等人,也尽量投其所好勾搭,让Tyson乐不可支。而众模也为了争宠一言不合吵了起来,冰冰更因此怒斥众模,要他们自爱。众模纷纷觉得无趣。 Vicky更是用欲擒故纵的姿态来勾引Tyson,搞得Tyson心猿意马,以为Vicky已经上钩。于是,Tyson大方邀约Vicky到酒店相聚,Vicky精心装扮前往。Juno发现,不放心,于是跟踪Vicky到酒店,结果...

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