Voices 听我说

Voices 听我说 - EP19

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 07 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

If a marriage comes to an end, how can you get the most out of a divorce ? Children and property, which one to fight for ? How can you keep a child from getting hurt when a couple is divorced ? There are many factors that lead to a marital deterioration, such as communication problem, money issue and age disparity etc. Is there a way to avoid it ? Lastly, how do you keep your marriage fresh ? Let's have a chat ! 第十九集 2018年2月7日播映 最亲密的陌生人(下集) 节目主持:郭亮、权怡凤 常驻嘉宾:许振荣、资深社工黄明德 艺人嘉宾:潘玲玲、江坚文 当婚姻走到尽头,离婚时,如何争取最大的权益?孩子和房子,要争取哪一个?夫妇离异,怎样才能让孩子不受伤害?婚姻变质,未必是第三者造成,有很多因素导致夫妻渐行渐远,不要误踩婚姻中的地雷,也许能减低婚姻亮红灯的风险。经营婚姻学问多,究竟要如何给婚姻保鲜?一起来“听我说”。

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