Voices 听我说

Voices 听我说 - EP2

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 11 Oct 2017 Audio: Chinese

When your parents "go astray", what will you do ? Host: Guo Liang, Quan Yifeng Resident Guests: Dasmond Koh, Samuel Ng Guests: Chen Han Wei, Pan Jia Biao, Lin Ru Ping, Marcus Chin How is elderly gambling addiction different from young people ? How can the family help the old parents get rid of gambling addiction ? Why do some elderly rather idle around void deck than to stay at home ? For various reasons, the divorce rates among the elderly are on their way up. Hosts and guests discuss if divorce is the best option when older couples no longer talk to each other.当老爸老妈“误入歧途”,我该怎么办? 节目主持:郭亮、权怡凤 常驻嘉宾:许振荣,资深社工黄明德 艺人嘉宾:陈汉玮、潘家镳、林茹萍、陈建彬 这一集讨论,老年人染上赌瘾的原因跟年轻人有什么不同?家人子女可以如何帮助他们戒瘾?一些老人为何从早到晚宁可在外闲坐也不待在家?老人离婚问题有哪些值得关注的情况?

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