Voices 听我说

Voices 听我说 - EP23

45 Mins

By Channel U Published: 07 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

Can you accept that grown up children, who have the ability to work, do not find a job and continue to rely on their parents for support ? The problem of "NEET" is due to the unfilial behaviour of the children, or the excessive doting parents ? Filial piety to parents, is the traditional virtue in Asian countries for centuries. However, is traditional notions like "rearing children for old age" still appropriate in modern society ? Let's have a chat ! 子女长大成人,有工作能力,却不找工作,继续靠父母养活,你能接受吗?“啃老”问题普遍存在,是因为子女不孝,还是父母过度溺爱所致?孝顺父母,自古是中华传统美德,然而时代变迁,传统价值观受到冲击,像“养儿防老”这样的观念是否还合乎时宜?万一“养儿防老”成了“啃老”,那该如何是好?“听我说”一起来探讨!

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