Voices 听我说

Voices 听我说 - EP4

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 25 Oct 2017 Audio: Chinese

Who took away your rice bowl ? Host: Guo Liang , Quan Yifeng Resident Guests: Dasmond Koh , Samuel Ng Guests: Chen Han Wei , Lin Pei Fen To achieve the Smart Nation vision , Singapore is evolving into a cashless society . Is it possible to eliminate cash altogether ? Let's listen to what our guests have to say . 谁抢了你的饭碗? 节目主持:郭亮、权怡凤 常驻嘉宾:许振荣,资深社工黄明德 艺人嘉宾:陈汉玮、林佩芬 从自动化到无现金付款,都是我国朝智慧国迈进的过程。在小贩中心、学校使用无现金付款近来尤其受到关注。未来社会如果百分百用无现金交易,可能吗?嘉宾们对此展开热烈讨论。

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