W - Two Worlds Apart (Dual Sound)

W - Two Worlds Apart (Dual Sound) - EP19

46 Mins
Disturbing Scenes 画面令人不适;

By Channel U Published: 11 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Han Zhehao shot at Jiang Zhe when Jiang asked for the release of his buddy Dao. Han was determined to enter the real world and when he aimed at Jiang for the last shot, but Jiang Zhe suddenly retaliated and knocked Han down ! Jiang quickly escaped… 姜哲向韩哲浩要求放了道允,却被韩哲浩射了一枪 !韩哲浩对姜哲说他的目的是要进入现实世界,在准备想开最后一枪杀死姜哲时,姜哲突然反身打倒了韩哲浩,逃出了仓房。

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