Walk with Me - Stories of Us 谢谢你出现在我的行程里 - 那年的我们

Walk with Me - Stories of Us 谢谢你出现在我的行程里 - 那年的我们 - EP4

17 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 11 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Born with a silver spoon, Qing Hao was constantly surrounded by servants at home. While his parents are at work, he would secretly take his parent’s old clothes and redesign it into another design. He would then get the helpers at home to help him model the outfits and organise a fashion show at home. While everyone is asleep, he would spend his time learning more about fashion designing. One fine day, Qing Hao’s father discovers his passion for fashion design and out of anger, burns all of his works. Qing Hao’s father then decides to send Qing Hao to Singapore to continue pursue a degree and hopes he will be the best of the best… 富二代庆豪总是独自在家与佣人们为伍;白天趁着父母不在,庆豪偷剪父母的衣物,要佣人穿上,在家办起服装秀。 夜里,庆豪则把心思花在各种时尚服装的设计图上。某日,庆豪对服装设计的狂热兴趣被父亲发现,父亲竟一口气把庆豪的全数作品烧毁!父亲认为是学习环境影响了庆豪,毅然决定把庆豪送到新加坡求学,务必要他考一张大学文凭!并要庆豪样样得第一,绝不容许他当第二,只可惜事与愿违。。。

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