Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里 (TIF)

Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里 (TIF) - EP18

44 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Qing Hao no longer gets financial support and is forced to go out to work. While at work, he meets an old friend, Angel. Angel teases Qing Hao and he avoids her, saying that he already has a girlfriend. Angel thinks that Qing Hao’s girlfriend is Hui Yan and is very spiteful. News spread online that Hui Yan helps people cheat, this greatly upsets her. 庆豪经济被封锁,只好出外工作自力更生。他在工作时遇到以前的猪朋狗友Angel,Angel挑逗庆豪,庆豪回避,表示自己已有女友。Angel以为他的女友是慧妍,对她怀恨在心。网上有人揭发慧妍帮人作弊的事,令她遭到沉重打击。

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