Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里

Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里 - EP11

44 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Qing Hao wears the spectacles into the exam hall; Hui Yan is about to provide him with answers from outside the hall but is called to the principal's office. The principal informs Hui Yan that the school is making an exception by providing her with a scholarship to continue her studies. Hui Yan is grateful but uneasy because she had already promised Qing Hao and decides to continue to help him cheat. As Qing Hao is leaving the exam hall, his lecturer discovers that he has two similar pairs of spectacles. 庆豪戴着眼镜入场考试,慧妍在场外正要为他提供答案,却被叫去校长办公室。校长通知她学校决定破例发特别奖学金给她,帮助她继续升学。慧妍既感激又不安,因为已经答应了庆豪,还是决定帮他作弊。不料庆豪离开考场时,被讲师发现他有两副一模一样的眼镜!

Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里
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