What Happened After ...?

What Happened After ...? - EP1

43 Mins
Mature Theme 成人题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 09 Jun 2016 Audio: English

It has been more than three decades since Charles Manson and his band of fanatic followers committed seven savage murders during two nights of terror in Los Angeles during the summer of 1969. Of course, the families of the victims have not forgotten their terrible pain, but they have dealt with it in very different ways. In this hour, we will visit with Alice LaBianca, the former wife of Leno LaBianca who was butchered to death and left with a carving fork stuck in his stomach. Alice has led a quiet life since Leno's death. She explains how difficult it is for her to forgive and the private ways in which she has tried to cope. We will also meet Debbie Tate, the younger sister of movie star Sharon Tate who was slaughtered in her living room and left to die even though she was nearly nine months pregnant. In the last thirty years, Debbie, her older sister, Patti, and their mother Doris all made aggressive public measures to ensure that none of the killers receives parole. The pain of those tragic nights hurts the families of the murderers, too. Meet Paul Van Houten, father of Leslie Van Houten who helped kill Leno LaBianca. He reveals his true feelings about Charles Manson and the bizarre circumstances that have kept Paul's daughter in jail for more than thirty years. And finally, hear the first television interview a member of Charles Manson's "family" has given since she testified against her former leader at his trial. Barbara Hoyt reveals how she found out about the murders and why she turned witness for the prosecution. This one-hour program is the most comprehensive examination ever produced about the post-crime lives of the killers, the victims' families, the lawyers and the former members of Manson's murderous clan.

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