What's In The Fridge? S2 冰箱的秘密 2

What's In The Fridge? S2 冰箱的秘密 2 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Dec 2017 Audio: Chinese

"What's In The Fridge" is back ! Singapore is a Food Paradise, you can get food from around the world here in Singapore. Our theme for this week is Southeast Asia Cuisine. 3 guests will take up the challenge to cook for us this week and they are artiste Pornsak, hairstylist Addy Lee and his mother. See them use the ingredients that they find inside the Fridge and conjure up delicious Southeast Asia Food.《冰箱的秘密》回来了,在这个新的系列,三位主持人继续以"见手不见人"的盲选方式,挑选神秘拍档,再挑选冰箱,并利用冰箱内的食材,即兴烹调出一道符合主题的料理。这回制作组还提高难度,在冰箱里各别放入"指定食材","指定煮法"和"皇牌"的信封。第一集的主题是"南洋料理",接受挑战的三位嘉宾是著名发型师Addy李荣达和他的母亲,还有综艺名嘴Pornsak。Addy第一次和母亲同台PK,两母子会迸发出什么火花?Pornsak又是否能坐收渔翁之利呢?

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