What's In The Fridge? S2 冰箱的秘密 2

What's In The Fridge? S2 冰箱的秘密 2 - EP13

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

Singapore is a Food Paradise, you can get food from around the world here in Singapore. Our theme for this week is Low Calories Cuisine. 3 guests will take up the challenge to cook for us this week and they are chef Danny Cao, snack stall owner Elizabeth Chan, together with dentist Marlene Teo. See them use the ingredients that they find inside the Fridge and conjure up delicious Low Calories Food. 想减肥不必放弃品尝美味!选择天然食材做料理,使用少油、少盐、少糖等简单的烹调方式,也能变出美味菜肴!注意营养均衡,掌握摄取份量,避免吃下过多热量,再搭配适度运动,不必刻意节食减肥,也能瘦得健康又快乐!今天的主题是"低卡瘦身料理",三位前来接受挑战的嘉宾分别为:厨师曹勇、美食业者陈韵好,和牙医张玛琳。他们将给大家做出什么低卡瘦身料理呢?绝对不能错过哦!

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