What's In The Fridge? S2 冰箱的秘密 2

What's In The Fridge? S2 冰箱的秘密 2 - EP15

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

Singapore is a Food Paradise, you can get food from around the world here in Singapore. Our theme for this week is Grains Cuisine. 3 guests will take up the challenge to cook for us this week and they are chef Chong Chian Fung and executive director Yang Ji Wei, together with artiste Shaun Chen. See them use the ingredients that they find inside the Fridge and conjure up delicious Grains Dishes.今天的主题是:谷类料理。谷类食物包括大米、面粉,如杂粮中的玉米、小米、红薯等,主要为人体提供碳水化合物、蛋白质、膳食纤维和B族维生素,是人体热能最主要的来源。烹调谷类,有好多种做法,不但能增进食欲,同时又美味可口。前来接受挑战的三位嘉宾,分别是:厨师张展峰、行政总监杨纪伟,还有艺人陈宏宇,他们将给大家做出什么谷类料理呢?

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