What's In The Fridge? S2 冰箱的秘密 2

What's In The Fridge? S2 冰箱的秘密 2 - EP9

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

Singapore is a Food Paradise, you can get food from around the world here in Singapore. Our theme for this week is Vegetable Cuisine. 3 guests will take up the challenge to cook for us this week and they are chef Sherine Lim, restaurant owner Wang Jiao Long, together with food blogger Maureen Ow. See them use the ingredients that they find inside the Fridge and conjure up delicious Vegetable Dishes.健康意识抬头,以蔬菜为主的饮食方式蔚然成风。今天的主题是"蔬食风",与素食不同的是,蔬食料理可与荤食材搭配,做出各种各样的变化。三位接受挑战的嘉宾是美食博客欧倩慧、冠军厨师林雪琳和餐饮业者王蛟龙,他们将如何充分利用冰箱里的食材,即兴变化出令人耳目一新的蔬食风料理呢?

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