When Duty Calls

When Duty Calls - EP6

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

Jun Guang, Long Bin and Jing Yu encounter an earthquake overseas after their military training and volunteer to stay back to help. Jun Guang is swept away by strong current in the river while trying to save a boy stranded on a tree trunk. Yi Xuan and Mei Guang rushes to Yusloka after receiving the news. Fortunately, Jun Guang returns safely before Yi Xuan and hugs her tightly. Yi Xuan finally accepts his love. 龙斌、俊光等人在游斯洛咖遇到地震,留下来帮忙。俊光为拯救一名小孩,被激流冲走。宜萱和美光赶到当地等候消息,幸好俊光大难不死,安全归来,与宜萱紧紧相拥,宜萱也敞开心房接受了他。

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