While We Are Young Z世代

While We Are Young Z世代 - EP4

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

Fang Ting brings Xiao Shuai for dinner at home one day and Zhong Ai is both surprised and elated . Zhong Ai tells Xiao Shuai about the goals set for him agreed between her and Fang Ting . If he manages to achieve the set goals , they will sponsor his swimming training abroad . Xiao Shuai accepts the challenge . At dinner , Fang Ting reveals her intention to let Xiao Shuai move into the house . Yi Jie violently objects and leaves in a huff . 方庭带小帅回家吃饭,钟爱意外又开心。钟爱向小帅提起她和方庭设下的目标,如果小帅能做到,就会资助他出国参加集训,小帅欣然接受挑战。饭局上,方庭宣布要让小帅搬进来住,一杰马上大发脾气。

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