While We Are Young Z世代

While We Are Young Z世代 - EP7

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

Jin Shun , Fang Ting's ex - classmate , spots Fang Ting and instead of going up to her to say hello , he leaves a black paper rose on her car . Fang Ting is pleasantly surprised when she sees it and immediately thinks of Jin Shun . When she gets home , she digs out old keepsakes and recounts the time in high school where she used to write love letters to Jin Shun but was rejected by him . 方庭的高中同学金顺偶然见到方庭,却没有表明身份,只在她的汽车上留下一朵纸折的黑玫瑰。方庭看到黑玫瑰,猜想是金顺,惊喜不已。回家后,她找出当年的纪念册,想起高中时喜欢金顺并写情书给他的事,谁知却被对方拒绝。

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