Whisper 悄悄话 (Dual Sound)

Whisper 悄悄话 (Dual Sound) - EP1

46 Mins
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适;

By Channel U Published: 06 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Shen Changhao is arrested for murder and policewoman Shen Yingzhu is determined to find out the truth to save her father Changhao. Judge Li Dongjun who is known to be righteous is however bribed by the Chairman of Taibai Cui Rihuan to sentence Changhao to imprisonment. 申昌浩被警方当杀人犯逮捕,女警申英珠决定找出真相,救出父亲昌浩。一像视为公正的法官李东俊却被太白主席崔日焕收买,判昌浩入狱。

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