Whisper 悄悄话 (Dual Sound)

Whisper 悄悄话 (Dual Sound) - EP3

46 Mins
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

By Channel U Published: 10 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Yingzhu threatens Dongjun that if he did not help her find the killer suspect Bai Shangjiu, she will upload the video of their bed scenes on Taibai's website. Coincidentally, Xiujuan brought Bai Shangjiu's personal details and wants Dongjun to help clear Bai Shangjiu's name.英珠警告东俊若不帮她找凶手嫌疑白尚九,将把两人上床的录影上载太白网站。正巧,妻子秀娟拿着白尚九的个人档案来找东俊,要他帮白尚九摆脱法律惩罚。

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