Whisper 悄悄话 (Dual Sound)

Whisper 悄悄话 (Dual Sound) - EP4

46 Mins
Some Drug References 些许毒品相关内容;

By Channel U Published: 11 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Dongjun helped Xiujuan to get a lighter sentence for Bai Shangjiu. He is shocked that Xiujuan has set a trap for him after he went to meet Bai Shangjiu alone. Actually Xiujuan and Zhengyi are an item and the murderer who killed Jin Chengzhi is Zhengyi. 东俊受秀娟所托,为白尚九申请减刑。他孤身一人去见白尚九,没想到陷入秀娟的陷阱。原来,秀娟和政一是恋人,那晚亲手杀害金成植的人,就是政一。

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