Witch At Court 魔女的法庭 (Dual Sound)

Witch At Court 魔女的法庭 (Dual Sound) - EP14

45 Mins
Sexual References 性相关语;

By Channel U Published: 09 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

To earn a living, Mayi took up the job as the defending lawyer for Li Shanxian who is charged for sexually assaulting Liang Youzhen. But when Mayi found out Li refused to pay for her lawyer fees, Mayi decided to expose Li’s crimes.李尚贤涉嫌性侵梁有珍; 为赚生活费,马翌决定替李尚贤辩护。但马翌发现李尚贤拒绝付她律师费时,决定识破李尚贤真实的罪行。

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