Witch At Court 魔女的法庭 (Dual Sound)

Witch At Court 魔女的法庭 (Dual Sound) - EP15

46 Mins
Sexual References 性相关语;

By Channel U Published: 10 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Zhenxu found out that Mayi is jobless and needs money, so he hatches a plan for Mayi to go to Min Zhishu’s lawyer firm. Mayi is keen to join Min’s team after she heard they are investigating Zhao Jiashu. Not long after, Mayi becomes the defending lawyer for a sexual assault victim, Jin Hengxiu.镇旭知道马翌失业又急需钱便暗地安排她去闵智淑的律师行。马翌得知智淑还在调查赵甲树,立刻要求加入智淑的队伍。不久后,马翌当了性侵受害者金衡秀的辩护律师。

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