Workman Diaries 我的打拚日记

Workman Diaries 我的打拚日记 - EP11

Beijing Part 2 我的打拚日记 - 北京篇之奔走的时代” (中)
16 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 14 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Most of the post-90 generation graduates are caught in jobs with long working hours and low pay. But for one brave soul, she chooses to exit and follow her heart. Beijing is home to many migrant worker families and for some, affordable child care means relying on willing and tired grandparents. And for some of the elderly migrant workers, after enduring many years of loneliness and hardship to support their family, they're faced with imminent retrenchment. Witness the fighting spirit of the migrant workers who make a living in the city. 90后大学毕业生受不了电商工作加班无休,毅然裸辞去追梦。北漂夫妻在北京养育幼儿, 昂贵的生活负担迫 使双方家长倾力协助。在北京15年孤苦的日子,年近七旬的清洁工,只望儿子顺利大学毕业。看北漂人为成就北京梦而奔走。

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