World Food 吃。东西

World Food 吃。东西 - EP2

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 10 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

The topic of this episode is Chinese shaobing, pizza and biscuits from the west. Guo Liang, A Xian and Pornsak discuss about the history and making of different shaobing and pancakes in various regions in China, famous pizza in Italy, French crepes, popiah and pancakes in Singapore and Malaysia. 这一集的节目主题是东方烧饼和煎饼和西方的比萨和饼干。郭亮,阿贤和Pornsak会为我们介绍中国各地区的不同烧饼和煎饼的历史,特色,做法和吃法,意大利的著名比萨,法国独特的可丽饼和新马的薄饼和煎饼 。

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