World Food 吃。东西

World Food 吃。东西 - EP5

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 31 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

The method of using salt to marinate fish in the East and West is quite similar. Be it air-dried, canned, eaten directly or cooked, each has its own flavour. This episode, Guo Liang, Axian and Pornsak introduce the production and ways of eating salted fish and marinated fish from the East and West. 东西方以盐腌制鱼类的方法大同小异,不管是风干或是晾干,做成罐头还是旋吊晾卖,直接食用还是烹煮做菜,各有不同风味,异曲同工,异中求同。郭亮,阿贤和Pornsak会为我们介绍东西方盐腌制鱼类的制作与吃法。

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