You Are The Best 最佳李纯信

You Are The Best 最佳李纯信 - EP66

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 22 Oct 2015 Audio: Chinese;Korean

The driver who knocked Changxun down is finally nabbed. Zhen-ai bumps into Meiling and urges Meiling to attend the musical that Chunxin has a part in. Meiling goes to the musical and leaves quietly after the show. Chunxin stops her and calls her “mother” for the first time. 撞死昌勋的司机终于被捕。贞爱去拜祭昌勋时碰到美玲。贞爱将纯信参与演出的舞台剧门票交给美玲,要她去看看纯信。美玲看完舞台剧后,默默离开。纯信叫住她,并第一次喊美玲一声“妈”

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