You Are The Only One 我的爱只属于你 (Dual Sound)

You Are The Only One 我的爱只属于你 (Dual Sound) - EP19

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 04 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Huili hears that Duyuan is looking for a person named “Chi Jizi” and suspects that the person is Duyuan’s mother. Huili asks Funan about Chi Jizi, but Funan does not know that person at all. Huili is puzzled as Xiujuan once told her that Chi Jizi has once worked in the household. 惠莉听说度媛在找叫“池吉子”的人,怀疑那人是度媛的母亲,于是想比度媛更早一步找到池吉子。惠莉向富南询问一名叫“池吉子”的帮佣,富南却对这个人没有印象。惠莉记得秀娟之前确实提过池吉子这个人,觉得很奇怪。

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