You Are The Only One 我的爱只属于你 (Dual Sound)

You Are The Only One 我的爱只属于你 (Dual Sound) - EP70

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 08 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Xiujuan wants to bring Zhi-ai to a hospital to verify if her baby is fathered by Huicheng. Zhi-ai claims that the baby is not Huicheng’s to protect the baby. Xiujuan forces Zhi-ai to pen down her claims and also wants Zhi-ai to promise that she will not pursue Huicheng anymore. 秀娟趁珠兰暂时离开志爱家的时候去见志爱,要志爱跟她去医院确认孩子是否是惠成的。志爱知道秀娟要她去医院另有阴谋,于是说孩子不是惠成的。秀娟逼志爱写切结书,表明孩子不是惠成的,以后也不会拿孩子的事纠缠惠成。

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