You Are The Only One 我的爱只属于你 (Dual Sound)

You Are The Only One 我的爱只属于你 (Dual Sound) - EP73

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 10 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Zhi-ai uses her remaining money to rent a little room by the seaside for Huicheng and herself. The couple makes a police report when the money is stolen by a pickpocket. The police informs Bingtai and Zhulan of the couple’s whereabouts. Bingtai and Zhulan bring Huicheng and Zhi-ai home. 志爱拿着工作室的订金跟惠成到海边租下一间民宿。岂料,钱被扒手偷走,两人身无分文,只好去报警。警方将两人的下楼通知炳泰和珠兰。长辈们把志爱和惠成接回家。

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