A Lonely Fish 寂寞鱼• 听见

A Lonely Fish 寂寞鱼• 听见 - EP6

第六集 (Finale 大结局)
26 Min
Disturbing Scenes 画面令人不适;

By Toggle Video Published: 05 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese

Jing Xuan suspect Tim is the mastermind behind the car accident and confronts him with the group photograph and cassette tape that she found. Tim denies that he has anything to do with the accident, he tells Jing Xuan that there might not be any mastermind. Jing Xuan is confused as she does not know if she should believe Tim. Kora explains to Jing Xuan that she treats Yi Kai like a brother and she will never let Jing Xuan down, the two good friends reconcile and look for Jing Xuan’s classmate Jian Yu, who is editing their short film. Kora accidently finds out that Jian Yu had been stalking Jing Xuan and taking photos of her secretly. Jing Xuan found out that Ann’s assistant was following Hao Cheng and her from these photos. Jing Xuan suspect Ann is associated with the car accident. Jing Xuan confronts Ann about the car accident. Ann brings Jing Xuan back to the scene of the accident and says, if Jing Xuan wants to know the truth, she will have to pay a heavy price, including losing her relationship with Yi Kai. Yi Kai appears and persuades Jing Xuan to stop finding out the truth as he did not want their relationship to be gone. However, Jing Xuan really wants to know the truth about her parent’s death. Jing Xuan makes the difficult decision between keeping the relationship and learning the truth, she chooses to... 静萱拿着父母、Tim和Ann四人的合照和卡带去找Tim。她怀疑Tim是策划车祸的幕后黑手。Tim告诉静萱自己没有设计那场车祸,也许车祸根本就没有幕后黑手。静萱不知道该不该相信Tim。Kora向静萱解释自己与亦凯的感觉后,两人和好如初。两人一起去找建宇,看他剪辑的片段。Kora意外发现建宇一直都在偷拍静萱。静萱从建宇的偷拍照片中发现了Ann的助理曾经跟踪过她和浩成,静萱怀疑Ann与车祸有关。静萱去找Ann问清真相。Ann带静萱回到车祸现场,告诉静萱如果她要知道车祸的真相,她就要付出很大的代价,静萱将失去现在所拥有的一切,包括她的甜蜜爱情。时亦凯出现,在旁劝静萱不要为了寻找真相,而失去他们之间的感情。静萱十分挣扎,她真的很想知道车祸背后的真相,想为爸妈讨回公道。在爱情和真相之间,静萱选择了...

A Lonely Fish 寂寞鱼• 听见
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