A Medical Journey 寻医

A Medical Journey 寻医 - EP1

Mongolia’s Palliative Care
46 Min

By Channel U Published: 09 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

Death is inevitable, but dying painfully can and should be avoided. In Mongolia, where cancer mortality rates are one of the world's highest, Danny Yeo meets palliative care doctors whom are fighting against system and social barriers, to help patients find meaning and comfort in "a good death". 蒙古医疗资源紧张,可是临终护理一枝独秀。这跟蒙古有众多肝癌末期病人有关,更 是“临终护理之母”敖登托雅教授努力的成果。杨君伟发现,临终部门的强力止痛针,对垂死病人尤其珍贵。临终护理,如何实现蒙古人的善终?

A Medical Journey 寻医
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