Hey Chef! S2 大厨帮帮忙 2

Hey Chef! S2 大厨帮帮忙 2 - EP4

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 28 Jun 2017 Audio: Chinese

Food Blogger, Patricia has prepared more than 500 dishes of food however she can never be able to achieve the right taste for her “Shrimp balls with fried milk”. This dish was originated from China, Shun De and the ingredients used are mainly milk and eggs. This episode, we invite Chef Fung to help Patricia find out what went wrong. Chef Fung will also demonstrate 2 other simple dishes for viewers to try out at home ! 美食博客Patrica烹调超过500道料理,却一直掌握不到“虾球炒鲜奶”的技巧,到底问题出在哪里?这道源自中国顺德的特色美食,主要材料是牛奶和鸡蛋,看起来简单,做起来却大有学问。节目邀请到本地烹饪大师-冯洱迅师傅出马,除了帮Patrica解决“疑难杂症”,还利用一模一样的食材,做出“延伸版”的好菜,绝对值得期待。除此之外,冯师傅也就地取材,将冰箱里现有的食材,“变身”为另外两道您在家里也能自己动手做的家常美食。

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