Money Week 财经追击 (FY1718)

Money Week 财经追击 (FY1718) - EP39

Wed 24 Jan 2018

By Channel 8 Published: 24 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

Cryptocurrency Frenzy Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most famous cryptocurrency among the 1400 cryptos available over the internet. Bitcoin price may now be off its historical peak of nearly US$20,000 recorded in end 2017, its more than 1200% price surge in the year was still exponential by any definition. Some entrepreneurial individuals saw business opportunities in this frenzy, like using crypto as its marketing theme, providing crypto mining service and etc. Funds can also be raised in the form of crypto, which leads to the birth of Initial Coin Offering (ICO). How does an ICO work ? 虚拟货币热 市面上的虚拟货币有超过1400种;其中,比特币的知名度最大。尽管目前比特币的价格从去年底的将近2万美元高峰回跌,这一年多来的价格涨幅还是异常显著。这除了带动买卖热,也有人趁势找到商机,如用虚拟货币做行销噱头和提供“挖矿”服务等。虚拟货币热潮引发泡沫和安全热议,而从中衍生出来的首次数码代币发行活动是如何运作的?

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