On The Red Dot 2017

On The Red Dot 2017 - EP44

Fri 16 Mar 2018 - Wonderkids 3: The 10-year-old Star Gymnast
23 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 16 Mar 2018 Audio: English

Four children with four exceptional gifts – a computer genius, a violin virtuoso, a star gymnast and a dazzling chess player. What is it like to be one in 100,000 or even one in a million ? From friendships gained and families uprooted, it’s a fragile balance between pursuing their potential and not losing their childhood innocence. What hidden sacrifices do these wonder kids and the people around them make to fulfil their grand ambitions ? We go behind the glamour of awards and achievements and find out what it truly means to be a child prodigy. Wonderkids 3 - Pan Annan’s incredible flexibility and strength has made her a champion gymnast. She dreams of going to the Olympics after she beat 12 - year - olds in a national rhythmic gymnastics competition to take 2nd place at the tender age of 9. Now 10, Annan plays the pipa in the SNYCO and is in the gifted programme in Singapore’s top girls’ school. Can she accomplish all that she wants and still stay focused on her gymnastic dreams ?

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