The Flame's Daughter

The Flame's Daughter - EP29

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 19 Sep 2019 Audio: Chinese

Lei Jinghong regained control of the Pili Sect. In order annihilation of his men by the Dark River Palace sect, he decided to take cover out at sea. Anye Jue met up with Xunyi (her daughter), and threatened Ji Jinglei's safety to force her to kill Ruge. 雷惊鸿重新掌握霹雳门大权,为了不使门派为暗河宫剿灭,决定暂避海上躲祸端。暗夜绝约见薰衣,利用姬惊雷的安危来逼迫其杀如歌。

The Flame's Daughter
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