Tuesday Report: What Makes A Boss 星期二特写:我家老板

Tuesday Report: What Makes A Boss 星期二特写:我家老板 - EP4

Vivid Three & Tinker Box
22 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Feb 2017 Audio: Chinese

Many young people are attracted to join the artistic industry for a chance to express themselves and unleash their creativity. VividThree is a visual effects and 3D animation company set up by three young adults. Here, a strong family - like bond is fostered. These bosses are prepared to work late nights together with interns, and even have a hand in orchestrating an employee’s marriage proposal. Ex - employees are welcomed back into the company with open arms. Similarly, Tinkerbox, a design and development studio for web and mobile applications, was founded by three young bosses. They believe in the principle “work hard, play hard”. Their office is equipped with entertainment facilities for junior employees to de - stress and recharge themselves. Would these young bosses have an edge in attracting and retaining creative talents ? 创意产业对年轻人的吸睛力最强,Vividthree是一家三维动画制作公司。三位年轻老板视员工如兄弟姐妹一般,陪实习生熬夜、帮员工出点子向女友求婚、敞开大门欢迎离职的职员回来。 制作手机和网页应用程序的Tinkerbox公司,由三位年轻人所创办。员工平均年龄28岁,新世代的他们相信“认真工作、认真玩乐”;办公室里有玩乐设施,让员工随时放松。 年轻老板的心思能否留住人心?

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