Uniquely Me 特别的我,你懂吗?

Uniquely Me 特别的我,你懂吗? - EP3

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 May 2019 Audio: Chinese

Autistic, non-verbal and incapable of independent living, Maud and Edwin are twins in their 30s. Caring for them and an intellectually disabled son were difficult for their elderly mother. As the twins settled in different homes, Emalin is at peace knowing they are cared for by caring professionals. 重度自闭,没有语言,生活也无法自理;35岁的双胞胎姐弟Maud和Edwin,以及智障弟弟的饮食起居都需要年迈母亲照顾。由于健康每况愈下,母亲只能把双胞子女送进机构生活,寄望他们得到妥善照顾直到终老。

Uniquely Me 特别的我,你懂吗?
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