Voices 听我说

Voices 听我说 - EP16

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 17 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

There is a saying that newbies have the toughest life at workplace. How should a newbie behave in order to be fancied ? Till what extent should an experienced worker teach newbies so that they will not be threatened ? What characteristics does a good or bad boss have ? What are the tactics one should have in order to be a good employee who is favoured by bosses as well as colleagues ? How should one survive in workplace ? Let's have a chat ! 老鸟菜鸟求生记 节目主持:郭亮、权怡凤 常驻嘉宾:许振荣,资深社工黄明德 艺人嘉宾:蔡琦慧,张耀栋 有人说菜鸟日子天天难过。到底新人应该如何待人处事,才不至于被讨厌?资深员工又应该倾囊相授到什么程度,才无需担心被新人取代?好、坏老板又有什么特质?什么样的员工能够深得人心,又能令老板欢欣?职场上,新人、老手如何求生存?一起来探讨。

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