118 S2

118 S2 - EP100


提供: Channel 8 发布: 17/04/2017 声道: Chinese

Jiahui is not feeling well. Jizhou invites her over to his place to rest. Manman misunderstands and thinks Jizhou has shamelessly brought Jiahui home in broad daylight. A-pao finally decides he wants to migrate to Singapore and live a normal life with Manman, but she scolds him for taking things too easily. Knowing Sijia had gone after A-niang, Shanshan interrogates him. He quickly scrambles to explain himself, for fear she would get angry. Unexpectedly, she says she has done him wrong and caused his pitiable state. Yuye notices Meizhen sneaking around Meimei’s room and accuses her of stealing. Meizhen explains she is simply helping Meimei to lock her drawer. However, because of a previous incident, Yuye is adamant that Meizhen is stealing again.

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