118 S2

118 S2 - EP117


提供: Channel 8 发布: 10/05/2017 声道: Chinese

Tiancheng and Jiejie’s incessant squabbling irritates Zhenhui. He instructs them to find a lawyer to handle their divorce proceedings. Yiyi is thankful for the care she has received from Zhenhui. In return, she wants to work for him for free. Boris congratulates Ke’ai on her first lead role and presents her with a handmade necklace. Afraid Shunshui would misunderstand, she takes it off before entering the coffeeshop but he discovers it. Deng Bo rises to her defence by lying that the necklace is a birthday present he wants to give his daughter. Yuye is jealous Ke’ai has been given the lead role, and scoffs that she is only successful because of Boris. Ke’ai interrogates Tiancheng about his dealings with Shunshui. When she finds out he has been meddling in their relationship, she is outraged.

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