118 S2

118 S2 - EP123


提供: Channel 8 发布: 18/05/2017 声道: Chinese

Dali’s son calls him when his mother is still sleeping. The four-year-old boy reveals he is staying in Tiong Bahru. Dali quickly awakens Dagong to search the vicinity. Shunfeng and Meizhen are shocked to find A-niang sleeping on their bed when they wake up in the morning. In turn, A-niang accuses them of occupying his room. A-niang’s amnesia is glaringly obvious. He can’t remember recent events, and even forgets that Shanshan is his wife. Deng Bo finds a wound on his head, and rushes him to the hospital. Manman feels bad that Jizhou is still trying to find the cockroach. Jiahui thinks she is going too far with her pranks. Manman cannot figure out why she had become so angry with him, and Yazhou points out that she likes Jizhou.

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